Dress – Boohoo

Flannel – Hollister

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell


OOTD, Dec. 1, 2015

Hey readers! Here’s a quick collage of my outfit from today! xx #WhatIsWinterInFlorida


Top – Boohoo

Jeans – Hollister

Flats – Steve Madden

Music Monday: Sam Hunt

This Music Monday is dedicated to Montevallo by Sam Hunt. Montevallo came out a little over a year ago (Oct. 27, 2014) , but it is one of those CDs that never gets old. The album is an easy listen making it perfect for studying and road trips. Hunt’s country background is apparent in his music which also has hints of hip-hop influences, especially in his delivery. His style appeals to a younger crowd, but is nothing that an older generation can’t listen to! For those who want to ease there way into country music, Montevallo is a great album. xx

Top 3 Favorite Tracks: Ex to See, Raised On It, Speakers


Music Mondays

I’m starting a tradition of Music Mondays! My first post is dedicated to Luke James. When I’m studying I love to put on a CD that I can listen straight through without skipping any tracks! Luke James’ self titled album is one of my favorites to study or clean too! The album has a soulful-pop sound that you typical don’t hear these days. If I had to compare I would say it has a Frank Ocean vibe with a little bit more upbeat tempo! Be sure to check him out!  Enjoy! xx

Top 3 Favorite Tracks: Love XYZ, Glass House, Options